Salt of the Earth / IN PRODUCTION

Documentary; 50 min, 90 min.


A musical journey which will bring to the screen the story of Noy (Mike Pillora) founder of ASIN, the Philipines' most popular and played band during the 1970's and 1980's.






Director: Daniel Binsted

Scriptwriters: Dori Pri-Or, Gili Melanitzki




VR Documentary; 5*5 min.


A production of 5 shorts VR documentaries in a workshop framework.

The DocVR workshop will explore the new possibilities that the recent development of virtual reality (VR) and 360 degree technology can bring to enriching the documentary cinematic language and esthetic.


As part of the workshop, experienced documentary filmmakers will discuss how to exploit the extraordinary combination formed from the recognized cinematic language and the unique power of virtual reality. During the workshop filmmakers will create 5 short documentaries through which they will try to expand the boundaries of documentary filmmaking.Moderators and


Moderators & Artistic Directors: Udi Ben-Arie, Eran Shapiro

Heroine / IN post PRODUCTION

Fiction; 85 min.


A The new cinematic female character has a profession or an occupation. This profession does not serve as an ornament, but is at the heart of the project, inseparable from life, from the woman herself. A full length feature comprising five short stories, written and directed by young women directors: The Commander, The Stripper, The Director, The Nurse and The Babysitter. We aspire to present a singular mosaic, unique and timely, of women and their choices in Israel in the 21st century. With the generous support of Mira Hamermesh, z"l



Directors: Atara Frish; Shira Pajurski, Shira Porat, Yasmin Schryer, Helli Hardy

Artistic Directors: Maya Dreifuss, Michal Vinik

Broadcaster: YES

Festivals: The International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv, June 2016




Immigrants / IN PRODUCTION

Documentary; TV Series; 3x50 min.


A series sewn together by human interest stories depicting the experience of immigration through the eyes of both old and new immigrants in Israel 2016; labor immigrants searching for refuge in Israel and Israeli nationals looking to leave their country in search of better opportunities or who feel they cannot go on living as they do. These comprise a wide and topical variety of immigration experiences, usually complex and painful, those which form and define identity, of a person, of a community and of a people.


Immigrants is the eighth series produced as part of the Social Documentary Project run by the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University. The series is 3 episodes made up of 12 short films directed by the school's undergraduate and graduate students who aim to produce quality, honest and intimate documentary filmmaking. 



Directors: various filmmakers

Artistic Director: Amir Tausinger

Producers: Hilla Shitrit, Efrat Cohen

Israeli Broadcaster: Channel 8

Israeli Premier screening: The International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv, June 2016


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