FICTION; 100 min.


In the cut throat world of Tel Aviv real estate, Michael is just too good – too moral, too straight laced, he just doesn't have what it takes to close the deal. Deep in debt, the future looks bleak. Cue the return of older brother, Daniel, charismatic, cynical, a past-his-prime musician. Irresponsible and amoral, Daniel slowly manages to convince Michael that a new life beckons if only they seize the opportunity before them: kill Grandma, and inherit her apartment and her money. Unpicking the chaos and desperation of a society who’s moral compass is badly twisted inside a feverish land, Kids & Kings offers a dark satirical take on life in contemporary Israel.  







The script was accepted to Binger Film Lab; Babylon Film Lab; presented at Cannes Film Market, European Pavilion; participated in London Film Market (Micro market).




like in life / IN DEVELOPMENT

FICTION; 90 min.


Shlomi (30) works at the customer service center of a Cable company. He’s a shy, eccentric person, lives with his parents and has no friends. Boaz (32) is a good looking guy, an extreme sports fan, has a career, money and always knows what to say to a girl. Boaz is Shlomi’s fake, virtual profile. Via Boaz, Shlomi is manages to communicate with the world confidently, released from his actual body and fears. One night he chats with Anat (28) and a virtual promising relationship begins between them. Shlomi decides to meet Anat. He feels like there's no Shlomi anymore and the virtual world is the real one. He even goes as far as buying them flight tickets.


But the meeting breaks the illusion. Inspired by reality TV shows, he quits his job, bids farewell to his parents, and flies alone to a faraway island, removed from any signs of civilization, electricity or internet. He leaves his suppressed world in favor of a world where the pleasure principal is predominant. Violence peeled off every conformed wrapping and a tragedy happens on the island. The way Shlomi deals with it is merely a raw reflection of the rampant reality in which we live.  



Director: ophir ben shimon

Scriptwriter: ophir ben shimon



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