a documentary series of short films about life in the digital age

Often it seems as though mobile phones or laptops have virtually become an extension of one’s human body while various apps or social networks have become so deeply engrained in our relationships to the point we cannot even conceive of existing without them. Can humans truly meet in the virtual sphere? What is the price of our dependency on gadgets? And have digital encounters only further alienated us from one another or are they rather allowing us an altogether new type of freedom?

Through a series of human tales and narratives, the series sets out to explore exactly how we live our lives in the digital age.


Digital Relations is the 7th series to be produced as part of Tel Aviv University›s Department of Film and Television Studies’ social documentary project. The series is made up of 11 films directed by department undergrad and graduate students, showcasing quality, sincere and honest documentary- filmmaking.


Produced in association with HOT Television’s Channel 8 and with the support of the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and the Gesher Multicultural Fund.

Love Archive


Ofir and Tomer want to become parents. Before moving in into a new flat, Ofir digitalizes letters and photos from his past loves in order to leave his past behind.

director: Ofir Feldman


Put me on full screen


A young man tries to bond with his little brother at his mainhangout, the computer.

director: Rani Avidan



the sleeping beauty


What kind of a relationship can occur between two lovers who live in two separate places in the world? an intimate film which describes the hardships, frustrations, thoughts and desires that this kind of relathionship forces.

director: tal haring



BTW I <3 you


What is the nature of love in the digital age?

In the world of SMS messages, the search for love starts with a new post.

directors: Alon Mittelman, Shoam Glass



woman of valor


Ella is a 37 year old single lady, and a sharp sarcastic blogger- especially towards men. Still, she tries to find the one for her. She moves out of the city life of Tel-Aviv to a remote upstate town- but it’s not necessarily enough. This film is about her and her blog, which conveys her life and wishes in an amusing way, or actually contradicts them completely.

directors: tamar alon





a story of David, a 56 years old quadriplegic who is looking for love through dating websites. David is recently divorced and is living on his own for the first time in a long time. He is hoping to find someone with whom he can begin the second chapter of his life. The movie is told through the point of view of his daughter.

directors: Rony Kahana



It's complicated


Personal film about virtual relationship between the director and a married artist, whose identity is unknown to the viewer.

the thin line between realistic possibility and fantasy is at the heart of this relationship.

director: Maya Meiri



true colours


True colors provides a glance to the world of Israeli "beauty gurus" – self-made teenage life style enthusiasts who create make-up video tutorials for youtube. Each, with her own voice in her own room walks us through the process leading to the perfect look for every occasion. Some manage to acquire a large number of dedicated fans others are left behind, struggling for each view and 'like'. This film is about self-representation in a consumerist society in the age of the selfie, the search of femininity in its early stages and about the will to be seen and loved.

director: Ayelet Albenda



A Revolution in need of Money


The next revolution will begin online.Jonathan Bird is an activist in "The Venus Project", a movement that strives for a radical change in the world's economy. The movie follows Bird's attempt to raise money online for the movement's activity and unveils the characteristics of this particular virtual revolutionary.

director: David Rembiszewski



Michaela for you


Michaela seidner, 56 years old, own a publicity office. Decides that she is taking on a new challenge and run for the local mayoral election. She creates a unique campaign which features an animated superhero character, in an attempt to answer the new requests of the digital media also in political campaign. In this journey, her daughter irit, 25 years old, decides to help her and fulfill her big dream.

director: Iliya Zeltzer, Irit Seidner



The Betweeners


Personal film about virtual relationship between the director and a married artist, whose identity is unknown to the viewer.

the thin line between realistic possibility and The Betweeners exposes the lives of the early 80's children, who were exposed to different technological phases more rapidly than the generations before and after them. The film focuses on the changes in the world before the advent of the internet, the world after and how that transition effected the betweeners’ lives and perception of their place in the world at the heart of this relationship.

director: Rhona Horiner-Rosen



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